Here we will discuss our equipment choices. We believe that equipment does not make a great photographer; however, great photographers choose equipment that best fits his/her work.


The ALPA MAX is our go to camera for precision product work, architectural work, and some artistic work. The ALPA MAX is a technical camera which is a new style of cameras allowing for movements available on traditional view cameras in a more compact form. The ALPA MAX combines beauty and a level of precision above any other camera available on the market. Many would argue that this level of precision is not necessary to create a great photo. We don’t disagree, but we do believe that every detail matters.


Our go to camera for artistic work and fashion. The ALPA FPS allows the precision of a technical camera with the ease of use of an electronic shutter system. However, the uses of the FPS are much greater than just a shutter system. The FPS is programmable, allowing the creation of specialized flash programs, shutter programs, multi-exposure programs, etc. This new camera is setting new standards for medium format photography: the perfect combination of new technology and often over-looked elementary photography. With this camera, the only limitations are your imagination!
Alpa FPS

ALPA Macro & Tilt Adapters

This is probably the product that most greatly separates our work from others – Tilting the focal plane. We find that the ability to choose a focal plane creates a much more interesting image than a “normal” image with the focal plane perpendicular to the camera. Through the use of our multiple adapters, we can take pictures of products as small and as large as necessary. With the precise ALPA Tilt Adapters you can always be assured that your products label will be in focus while keeping separation between the products and the background.
Alpa FPS

Phase One P65+ Full-Frame Medium Format Digital Back

We use a P65+ Digital Back because quality is of utmost concern. With 60 Megapixels and a massive sensor size of 40.4mm x 53.9mm, the P65+ advantages don’t stop here. In our line of work, every little detail matters. The p65+ offers color accuracy, color depth, dynamic range, and possibilities that go beyond 4×5 film, and far beyond any DSLR. We also offer real time color calibrated previewing for clients that wish to participate in the shoot with us.

Rodenstock HR Alpagon 32mm/f4.0 Short Barrel 17

Our 32mm Alpagon Short Barrel 17 is our go to lens for architectural work and sometimes creative product photography in combination with a macro adapter. Being a short barrel 17, we are able to use a 17mm tilt adapter with our Alpa MAX. (refer to Tilt Adapters). This lens allows for a massive field of view with the lowest amount of distortion of any other wide angle in its class. Simply put, this is the best wide angle lens available on the market.
Alpa FPS

Rodenstock HR Alpagon 50mm/f4.0 Short Barrel 34

Our 50mm Alpagon Short Barrel 34 is quite a unique lens. It is a standard wide angle that we use for just about anything. It brings life to products in a way that no other lens can compare to. The ability to combine two tilt adapters (refer to Tilt Adapters) allows for the use of very unique focal planes that can be pushed nearly parallel to the camera. We have found this lens is great for focusing on a subject while creating a large scene at the same time.
Alpa FPS

Rodenstock HR Alpagon 90mm/f5.6 Short Barrel 34

Detail, Sharpness, Depth of Field, Perfection. This lens is the sharpest lens currently on the market at this point. This is our go to lens for product photography. With the use of two 17mm Tilt Adapters (refer to Tilt Adapters) we are able to create a focal plane that will follow almost any product while keeping a small depth of field and keeping that three-dimensional look. This lens puts the products in utmost importance, leaving everything else as secondary. With this lens we have no problem guaranteeing the absolute sharpest and most detailed images on the market.
Alpa FPS

Profoto Pro-8a and B2 Generators

We currently own two generators, a Pro-8a and a B2.
The Pro-8a is the fastest and most accurate (color and power) generator on the market today. This generator is a studio generator that must be plugged in to work. With this generator we are able to offer very detailed motion stopping of liquids, powders, or any substance you can think of.
Our B2 is our battery powered generator allowing us to use apply our lighting techniques anywhere on earth regardless of power supply.
Alpa FPS